Hey! Thanks for dropping by. The ReGeneration is a blog about how the everyday person can take action to make change in the world. The climate is changing and there is a lot of work to be done to keep from going over the edge. When I first starting learning about peak oil and the earth’s stretched resources I was terrified. I didn’t think there was anything I could do that would make a difference. How could one person effect the change necessary to turn things around? I was scared into inaction. Over time I realized that there’s a lot the everyday person can do and I want to help them do it.

There are a lot of online petitions and social media crusading that can help in many situations, but The ReGeneration blog is a tool for people wondering about more tangible things they can do to to help. With information ranging from consumer products and their earth-friendly alternatives to food issues, social justice and a lot of stuff in between, The ReGeneration will equip the reader to make informed decisions to vote with their dollar and take action with their voice.

My hope is that through learning what change we can have on situations around the planet, we will make a smaller world where people care more for their fellow humans, no matter their culture, ethnicity or economic situation.

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