DIY Cosmetics for Earth Care and People Care

In my previous post I outlined some potentially harmful additives in food and cosmetics. I also mentioned that I would follow up with a list of recipes you can use to create cosmetics in your own kitchen. These recipes contain nothing but whole, raw ingredients.

Be advised that because these products do not use chemical preservatives such as parabens, the shelf life of the products made will be lower, so if you make more than you will be able to use, share it with a friend or family member! Test products on a patch of skin to check for any allergic reactions and use all products at your own risk.

Also, just because something is natural doesn’t mean that it is any better or safer for your skin than manufactured ingredients. Rachel Pontillo has a great post on 7 Natural DIY Skincare Ingredients You Should Never Use and Why, which is well worth the short read before getting started. To keep your lovely homemade goodies as safe as possible, Thank Your Body as six tips to keep your DIY cosmetics safe.

I moisturize my skin every single day. Because it’s one of the few products that I slather over my entire body on a consistent basis I try to avoid products that contain alcohol (which can dry the skin), parabens, EDTA, sulphites, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and other similar ingredients. This recipe by Heather at Mommypotamus for Cocoa Butter Lotion Bars is fantastic. There are only three ingredients and it leaves you smelling like chocolate. Plus, a bonus! The recipe uses no water so the shelf life is up to a year, if they even last that long! It makes several bars and I shared mine with friends.

Cocoa butter can be a bit expensive, though, and not always handy like other kitchen staples. Beverly over at Make Your Own Zone uses olive oil as the base for her moisturizer. Beeswax is still a necessary ingredient, which many may not have, but if you invest in a block, it can be stretched in many ways making home cosmetics as you 7will see. Below is a list of other DIY recipes for moisturizers and various makeup items!

Most of the ingredients may already be in your kitchen, but a fee, like beeswax and cocoa or shea butters, may not. Some things you will need for for making cosmetics at home: coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, activated charcoal, cocoa butter, shea butter, arrow root powder or corn starch, and vodka or gin.

Other recipes to try:

These are just some of the hundreds of different recipes you can find online.

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